Thursday, 10 May 2018 11:12

Man Indicted in Reckless Homicide Case

Rostro Rostro
May 10, 2018 – A northeast Memphis man who inadvertently shot a childhood friend in the back while they were riding in a pickup truck last year has been indicted on reckless homicide charges, Shelby County Dist. Atty. Gen. Amy Weirich said Thursday.
Hector Rostro, 20, also was indicted on a charge of tampering with evidence. He is being held on $40,000 bond. The incident occurred on May 13, 2017, in the vicinity of Macon Road and Highland.
An investigation showed that Rostro was seated behind 18-year-old Miguel Angelayala Jr. in the vehicle while a third person was driving. Rostro told investigators he had a handgun on his lap and that when he reached for a cigarette the gun accidentally discharged, firing a bullet through the front passenger seat and striking Angelayala in the back.
They drove to Methodist Hospital North for help, but Angelayala was pronounced a short time later. Rostro told investigators he later threw the gun into a wooded area.