Tuesday, 30 April 2019 11:56

DA’s Community Prosecutor Heading to DCS

Carrie Shelton Bush (center) Carrie Shelton Bush (center)
April 30, 2019 – After more than 15 years with the District Attorney’s Office, including summer internships, Carrie Shelton Bush is leaving one state agency for another.
On May 6, she officially will become Executive Director for Regional Administration for the Tennessee Department of Childens Services.
“I will be relying heavily on the training and skills I’ve learned over the years at the DA’s office in order to continue to serve the citizens of Tennessee,” she said. “As part of my new duties, I have been asked to complete an analysis of various departments and programs within the 12 DCS regions across the state to help determine what is and isn’t working. Ultimately my goal is to be a resource to the staff in the field and for the communities they serve.”
Her new appointment was made by new DCS Commissioner Jennifer Nichols, a former Shelby County Deputy District Attorney and a former Criminal Court Judge.
“Carrie has been a key contributor to every unit and program in which she has served while in this office, and we will miss her greatly,” said Dist. Atty. Gen. Amy Weirich. “She has been a tireless defender of the young, the elderly and the vulnerable citizens of Shelby County, and now children across the entire state of Tennessee will benefit from her dedication and passion.”
Before becoming an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) in the Domestic Violence Unit in November of 2004, Bush worked in the DA’s office as an intern while in college and was a victim-witness coordinator and an investigator before attending law school.
As an ADA, she also worked closely with the Child Advocacy Center as a member of the Special Victims Unit (SVU), and in 2014 became the Chief Prosecutor of SVU. She became Division Leader of Criminal Court 3 in 2016 and a year later became the DA’s first Community Prosecutor at the Old Allen Station Police Precinct.
The innovative Community Prosecution plan places prosecutors out in the community where they can build relationships with law enforcement, neighborhood watch groups, schools, businesses and other community-based organizations.
While serving at the Community Prosecutor, Bush also continued to work as the DA’s coordinator for the Vulnerable Adult Protective Investigative Team (VAPIT) which also includes law enforcement and protective services members who address issues of elder abuse.