Thursday, 07 March 2013 17:34

Jermaine Davis Convicted of Rape of Two Women

Jermaine Davis Jermaine Davis SCSO
MEMPHIS, TN – March 7th 2013 - A jury in Shelby County Criminal Court Division X convicted Jermaine Davis (age 38) of nine (9) counts of aggravated rape.
Prosecutors presented proof at trial that Jermaine Davis raped two (2) women (age 20 and age 19) at a home in northeast Memphis in April 2010.
Davis was acquainted with the women and offered to pay them $15.00 to give him a ride. They drove Davis to a restaurant and Davis asked them to wait for him. Davis never returned to the car. They called him on the phone to ask him for the money. Davis told them to meet him at a home in the 1600 block of Barbie. After the women entered the house, Davis told them that the money was in a bedroom. Davis offered to pay the women $100.00 to watch him masturbate. Both women refused and tried to leave. Davis grabbed two (2) large knives from the kitchen and forced the women to take off their clothes and he raped both women in the hallway.
Davis forced the victims inside a bedroom and threatened to kill them if they did not do what he wanted. He took two (2) cell phones from the women and forced the women to perform multiple sex acts with each other and with him. One (1) of the women convinced Davis to let her leave the house. The woman called the police after she fled the scene.
Davis continued to rape the second victim and later allowed her to leave. As she left, she encountered the police outside. She told police that Davis was still inside the house. Davis refused to open the door for the police. Officers on the scene notified the homeowner who arrived and opened the door. Police arrested Davis without incident.
Aggravated rape, a class "B" felony, carries a sentence range of eight (8) to thirty (30) years with no possibility of parole. Davis is a repeat felony offender. His previous felony convictions expose him to a minimum sentence of twelve (12) years per count. Davis will be sentenced on April 4th, 2013.
Assistant district attorney Alanda Dwyer, Division Leader for Criminal Division X of the District Attorney General's Special Prosecution Unit (SPU) and assistant district attorney Kirby May of SPU prosecuted the case.
SPU is comprised of two (2) divisions of the Criminal Courts of Shelby County, Division VIII and Division X. The objective of the Special Prosecution Unit is to seek the maximum sentence allowed by law for repeat felony offenders.
Judge James Beasley presided.