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Court Declares “Showgirls ” Public Nuisance

October 26th, 2011- At the request of District Attorney General Amy Weirich, “Showgirls”, 3880 Lamar Avenue, has been declared a public nuisance by Judge Larry Potter in Shelby County Environmental Court.
Judge Potter’s order stated he was pleased with the progress that the owners, (Culbreath Land Company), have made in instituting remedies at "Showgirls". However, the prostitution and drug sales witnessed by officers in the club did constitute a public nuisance. Dancers at “Showgirls”, (aka The Gentlemen’s’ Club”), had performed various sex acts in exchange for money. The current petition filed on September 9th, 2011, detailed the instances of prostitution and drug activity inside the club. Judge Potter closed the club temporarily, and ordered changes be made.
The latest court order requires the location remain closed through November 25th, 2011 at 8:00 AM. Upon reopening, the club’s operators must comply with the remedies listed in the Judge Potter’s order. The owners must conduct criminal background checks for all employees, independent contractors and dancers who apply to work within the club. Background checks must be completed every six (6) months. The club owners have been ordered to continue efforts to prevent the sale of drugs and prostitution in the club. The judge ordered the club owners to pay restitution to the Memphis Police Department for their costs incurred in the investigation.
“Compliance with the law is the goal of our actions against these owners,” said Weirich. “We are hopeful that this will be the last time Showgirls is the subject of a nuisance action. But if they continue to break the law, we will be back in front of Judge Potter asking for permanent action”
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