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October 7, 2011- Special Agent Johnie Carter of the West Tennessee Violent Crime and Drug Task Force, (WTDTF), received the “Agent of the year Award for West Tennessee” at the annual conference of the Tennessee Narcotics Officers Association (TNOA).
The Tennessee Narcotics Officers Association awards ceremony was held at the Marriott Convention Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Thursday October 6th, 2011. Agent Carter was among three agents honored by the TNOA for outstanding efforts in illegal drug interdiction.
Carter, an eight year veteran of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department, has served on the West Tennessee Violent Crime and Drug Task Force since September 2010. Prior to his assignment to WTDTF, Carter was an investigator for the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department‘s Narcotics Unit. Carter is presently assigned to the West Tennessee Drug Task Force Highway Interdiction Program. Since his assignment in fall 2010, Carter has made numerous felony drug arrests and has assisted in the seizure of substantial amounts of contraband, drugs and weapons.
On May 4th, 2011, Carter saved the life of a man he had stopped for traffic charges on I-40 in Fayette County. The man, armed with a knife, had stabbed himself repeatedly. Carter, a trained emergency medical technician, responded quickly. Carter broke open the window of the car and safely disarmed the man and administered first aid until the arrival of medical personnel.
The man was later identified and arrested as a suspect wanted for the then recent murder of a young woman in Durham, North Carolina.
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