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May 24th, 2011- David N. McGriff, Chief Investigator for the District Attorneys General West Tennessee Drug Task Force (WTN DTF) issued letters of commendation to two of the unit’s special agents, one Attorney General’s Office Criminal Investigator, and a Memphis Police Department Investigator.
West Tennessee Drug Task Force Special Agents David Lytal, Johnie Carter, Shelby County District Attorney General’s Office Criminal Investigator, Tim Helldorfer and Memphis Police Department Robbery Investigator, Sgt. Michael Rosario were recognized for their actions that led to the detention and arrest of a murder suspect on the run from Durham, North Carolina.
On May 4th, 2011, Fayette County Deputy Sheriff Johnie Carter, assigned as special agent to the West Tennessee Drug Task Force’s Interdiction Unit, stopped a green Chevrolet Camaro for traffic charges while westbound on I-40 in Fayette County, TN. The vehicle was stopped near the Highway 59 overpass on I-40 near Longtown, TN. As Special Agent Carter approached the vehicle, he noticed Silvestre Alvardo-Chavez, age 25, alone in the vehicle. Alvardo-Chavez refused to roll down the windows, or unlock the doors. S/A Carter called for assistance and reported that Alvardo-Chavez had a knife in his hand, whiled seated in the locked car. Alvardo-Chavez was stabbing himself repeatedly with the knife. Drug Task Force Supervisor, Special Agent David Lytal, responded quickly to the scene and both officers broke open the driver’s window of the Camaro and safely disarmed Alvardo-Chavez. S/A Carter, a trained emergency medical technician, administered first aid until the arrival of additional medical personnel from the Braden Fire Department, and the Life Flight Helicopter.
Special Agent Lytal learned that a green Chevrolet Camaro and a person matching description of Alvardo-Chavez, had been linked to the recent death of Crystal Gigliotti, age 21, in Durham, North Carolina. S/A Lytal provided this information to the Shelby County Attorney General’s Criminal Investigative Division.
SCDAG Criminal Investigator Tim Helldorfer and MPD Robbery Investigator, Sgt. Michael Rosario assisted the Special Agents in the ensuing investigation, and in questioning Alvardo-Chavez regarding his connection with the Camaro and the death investigation in Durham, North Carolina. Sgt. Mike Rosario of Memphis Police Department’s Robbery Bureau assisted with translation in the investigation. Investigator Helldorfer followed up with Homicide Division of Durham North Carolina Police Department.
On May 7th Durham, North Carolina authorities issued arrest warrant for Alvardo-Chavez and he was detained and later held at the Shelby County Jail.
“The actions of Special Agents Johnie Carter, David Lytal, Criminal Investigator Tim Helldorfer and Sgt. Mike Rosario are to be commended,” said David McGriff, Chief Investigator of the Shelby County District Attorney General’s Office. “Their quick efforts saved the life of Mr. Alvardo-Chavez, and led to solving a brutal homicide.”
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